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Your bridesmaids are a selection of your closest and most cherished female family and friends; sisters, cousins, best friends, whoever is in your bridal party, they’re bound to be special to you, so we imagine you’re going to want to thank them for joining you on your wedding journey with a stunning gift.

There are hundreds of different options for bridesmaid gifts, covering all budgets and designed to suit all kinds of women and we’ve brought together a selection of our favourite bridesmaid thank you gifts from some beautiful brands that are simply perfect for presenting to your maids on the morning of your wedding.


Timeless Jewellery Pieces from Astra


If you’re looking for special bridesmaid gifts, jewellery is a classic choice that bridesmaids of all ages will appreciate and cherish for years to come.

Astra is a New Zealand based jewellery brand who make semi-precious jewellery that is the perfect price point for gifting to your bridesmaids. Whether you want to give a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a ring, there’s a variety of pieces to choose from at Astra.

Their collections are lovingly thought out to be perfectly suited for the occasion they’re aimed towards, such as their wedding collection that has a range of versatile and delicate pieces that any woman will love.

You can explore the full range of Astra jewellery on their website and order direct from them online.


Bridesmaid Jewellery Gift


Prosecco Shimmer from Popaball


Whether you want small bridesmaid gifts to make up gift boxes for your maids or you simply only want to spend a little, buying your special ladies a tub of Prosecco Shimmer from Popaball is an affordable yet super fun gift that everyone will enjoy.

Popaball are the experts when it comes to alcoholic gifts and their prosecco shimmer is a best-seller. Only £7.49 per pot, each jar contains 21 servings, so your maids can use it to jazz up their drink on the morning of your wedding and on plenty of occasions afterwards.

This rose gold shimmer powder transforms your prosecco into a glass of shimmer and sparkle, something that will look stunning in your getting ready photos!

Are your bridesmaids more gin drinkers than prosecco girls? Popaball also do specialist gin shimmer powders or general drink shimmers that can work with whatever your beverage of choice is, making this an ideal gift for all!


Popaball Bridesmaid Gift


Custom Made Gift Boxes from Build My Gift


If you’re wanting bridesmaid presents that really bring the wow factor, creating custom-made gift boxes for each of your maids on is an ideal option.

A luxury gift box service that lets you browse over 200 different gifts and hand pick the ones you want to be packed into a stunning gift box ready for delivery. An ideal option for creating a unique bridesmaid gift for each member of your party, the Build My Gift service also does all the hard work for you as after selecting the items you want to gift in the box, they’ll wrap it all up for you, so all you have to do is gift it on the day!

Whatever your budget and whatever your bridesmaids are into, you can create a custom gift box designed just for them, an extra special present for an extra special occasion!


Custom Bridesmaid Gift Box


Bath Products from Olverum


When choosing gifts for your bridesmaids, you can’t go wrong with bath and body products, no matter what budget you’re working on.

From bath bombs you can buy on the high street to more luxurious products such as the Olverum bath oil, buying your bridesmaids products they can use to pamper themselves with is always a winning choice.

Made up of 10 essential oils, the Olverum bath oil is a highly concentrated therapeutic bath oil that is ideal for softening your skin, relieving aches and pains and helping you to relax, ideal for helping your bridesmaids to recover the day after your wedding party!



Personalised Fragrance from The Perfume Studio


You might be thinking that fragrance is far too much of a personal choice to even begin trying to gift it but with the design your own fragrance gift sets from The Perfume Studio, you can give a gift of fragrance that will suit each of your bridesmaids.

The design your own fragrance sets from The Perfume Studio are available in a range of scent collections, the floral collection being one of their best sellers. The set contains an empty 30ml glass atomiser and 6 different scent strips, so your bridesmaids can customise their very own fragrance with the perfect balance of the scents they love.

These sets are a lovely idea to gift your maids as you’re getting ready, so they can create their own scent to wear for the day and enjoy for months to come. The sets can also be personalised for that extra special touch.

So, whether you were wanting bridesmaid gift ideas that were sentimental, affordable or pure luxury, we’ve covered it all. No matter what your budget or what gifts you’ve got in mind, we’re sure there’s something here to suit.

If you’re a few steps behind buying bridesmaid gifts and still need to sort their dresses, book an appointment at the Maria Modes showroom to come and view our range of bridesmaid dresses and get your party fitted for the big day!