Groomswear Matches Colour Theme Header


Most couples will choose a colour theme for their big day and although some will pay more attention to ensuring everything matches this theme than others, your groomswear is a big part of showcasing your colour theme on the day of your wedding.

As if picking the perfect suit for your wedding isn’t a big enough decision as it is, having to consider whether it matches with your colour scheme is just another thing to think about, so we’re going to be sharing with you a few easy ways to ensure your suit is the perfect fit for the colour theme of your big day!


Just Go For an Exact Match


If you want your colour theme to be very apparent from the moment your guests walk in, your suits need to be an exact match. If the theme of the day is blue, then that’s the best colour suit to choose and by choosing to go for an exact colour match, you take a lot of the pressure of picking the right suit away by narrowing down your colour choices.


Pick a Suit Colour That Compliments the Theme but Doesn’t Match


The only downfall with picking a suit that is an exact colour match for your theme for the day is that you have to be precise about getting the right shade so you don’t clash, so to make your life a little easier but still look good on the day, you can pick a suit colour that compliments the key colours of your day but isn’t the exact shade and follow our next tip for tying in your signature colour…


Choose Accessories to Match Your Colour Theme


If finding a suit that matches your colour theme isn’t possible or is simply proving too difficult, choose accessories that match your colour scheme instead. This is often the way many grooms choose to tie in their look with the theme of the day as opposed to picking a suit that is an exact match as it gives you more freedom to find a suit that you really love rather than one that just fits your theme.


Incorporate the Colour in the Subtlest of Ways


If you’re not a man who likes to incorporate much colour into his wardrobe then choosing a suit or even key accessories like a tie or shoes to match your colour scheme might not suit your style but there are subtler ways you can add hints of this key colour into your look without being too bold.

Your buttonhole flowers, socks, shoelaces and pocket square are all perfect subtle ways to add in your colour scheme and keep your outfit within the theme.


Ensure You Coordinate with the Bridesmaids


If you’re finding it stressful trying to match your groomswear to your overall colour scheme for the big day, just remember that the most important thing is that the suits match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Take one of your bridesmaids’ dresses or a swatch of the material to your suit fitting to find a suit or accessories that coordinate perfectly and then you know you’re most of the way to finding the ideal suits for matching your colour theme.

No matter how bold or subtle you want to go when trying to match the groomswear to your colour theme for the day, there are plenty of ways to go about it and with the extensive Maria Modes groomswear collection we have in store, there are more than enough outfits and accessories for you to choose from.

If you want to come to our Cheshire showroom and take a look around our groomswear department, get in contact with us today to book yourself a fitting!