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Here at Maria Modes, our selection of over 170 bridal gowns come from just 5 designers and that’s because we’re selective about the designers we partner with to ensure we always offer our brides nothing less than the best and we think it’s fair to say that when it comes to Pronovias, they’re known for being at the top of the wedding gown game.

An internationally recognised fashion brand that originates from the sunny city of Barcelona, Pronovias has evolved over the decades to become a style powerhouse that continually produces high-fashion, on-trend pieces that women just can’t resist.


The Brand


Originally a brand that could only be found in El Suizo, a prestigious store in Barcelona selling high-quality lace, embroidery and silk fabrics, Pronovias started as a family run business.

The company grew rapidly between 1922 and 1964 but was rocketed into the world of high fashion in the mid 60’s when Alberto Palatchi Ribera joined the company and it was at this stage that Pronovias launched the prêt-à-porter bridal collection which made wedding gowns accessible for every bride.

Continuing to power through the fashion industry at record speeds and with great success, Pronovias has spent the last 50+ years expanding the brand, opening stores around the world and creating more collections and pieces both inside and outside of the bridal market.


The Designers


Once a family operation, Pronovias now has an extensive team of designers behind their brand who work together to use their incredible talents to create breath-taking bridal gowns.

Pronovias openly pride themselves on ‘dreaming and making their dreams come true’ as well as ‘excellence and teamwork’ and it’s these ethics that have resulted in a collection of mesmerising wedding dresses. Describing how ‘magic flows throughout the creative process’, the designers at Pronovias always go above and beyond what is thought to be possible in the industry, creating gowns that are suitable for brides of all shapes, sizes and styles.


The Dresses


Infamous for demonstrating how simple is beautiful, Pronovias gowns often have an understated appeal.

All about allowing your figure to do the talking, many of the Pronovias gowns we stock here at Maria Modes are figure hugging and designed in the ever-popular fit and flare shape. Minimalism is often at the heart of a Pronovias design, with clever fabric choices, careful decisions around colour and paired back embellishments allowing the bride herself to wow her guests, not just her dress.

Although there are some signature styles from this brand which can be identified a mile off, they do cater for every bride thanks to a selection of princess gowns, A-Line style dresses and some more heavily embellished dresses.


Favourites from the Range


Perhaps an impossible task to choose just one or two favourites from our selection of Pronovias dresses, there are some pieces from their collection which our brides just gravitate towards and that would suggest to us that these gowns are the ones that appeal to brides to be the most.




Understated but finely detailed, classic with a unique twist, the Drusila dress showcases so many classic Pronovias features which is what makes it a favourite with brides who love the brand.

A soft and subtle fit and flare shape with a sophisticated v-shaped neckline and illusion lace back, every element of the Pronovias Drusila dress has been carefully thought out and chosen to create something elegant and simply beautiful.

For more information on colours and sizes available for the Pronovias Drusila gown, call today.




A real sense of vintage glamour radiates from the Pronovias Driate dress. This is a gown with options, so whether you want a strapless dress with a soft neckline or long lace sleeves with a high illusion neckline, you can get the look with the Driate dress and it’s this that brides love.

A classic example of Pronovias work with the fit and flare shape, the slit at the front of the skirt is a unique feature that adds a touch of sultry appeal to this otherwise reserved gown.

Lots of lace and a dramatic train, the Pronovias Driate gown is the perfect option if you want a traditional wedding dress with a modern spin.




A perfect visualisation of what the Pronovias brand is all about, the Prunelle gown is the ultimate example of how minimalism can be such a statement.

This dress is shaped in the classic fit and flare way and has a high illusion lace neckline with a sheer lace covered back and subtle lace covering throughout the gown. Every detail of this dress is understated and has been done in the finest way possible but it’s this precision and eye for detail that gives this gown its appeal.

Available in both off-white and optical white, the Pronovias Prunelle dress comes in UK sizes 2-28 and is the best choice for a bride who wants a stunning gown that gets its beauty from the smaller details.

If you want a wedding gown that works to make your figure stand out in the best way possible and is covered head to toe in details that contribute to both the beauty and quality of the design, Pronovias is the designer for you.

Explore the range of Pronovias wedding dresses available in our showroom and call the Maria Modes team to book an appointment to try on your dream gown.