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The day you head to your bridal boutique of choice for the first time is both an unbearably exciting and undeniably nerve-wracking experience, so we’re going to be giving you an insight into how your first visit to Maria Modes is likely to run to help give you an idea of what to expect and help ease any nerves.


Our Showroom


Located in the heart of Macclesfield, Cheshire, Maria Modes is located the perfect walking distance from the town centre, so you’re in close reach of plenty of other shops, cafes and restaurants but far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a little peace and quiet while you relax in our luxurious and comfortable boutique.

Our Macclesfield bridal boutique is decorated and furnished to the highest standards to feel opulent and like a real VIP experience, which is exactly how we treat every single one of our brides to be.

We have a number of individual, private bridal suites where all of our dress fittings and consultations take place to ensure you can fully relax in your surroundings and be open and honest with us about everything to do with your dress.


Upon Your Arrival


Every bride to be and her party is important to us, so you’ll be welcomed with open arms from the moment you arrive and will be cared for by one or two dedicated members of our team throughout your visit.

We always like to have the drinks flowing for our guests as all this dress hunting is thirsty work, so whether you like bubbles or a bottle of water, we’ve got a range of refreshments available for you to enjoy during your shopping experience.

Once you’ve met the team members that will be working with you and have got a drink in hand, we’ll let you familiarise yourself with our showroom, including which bridal suite you’ll be situated in, how the dresses are organised, where the toilets are and where to find anything else you may need.


Let the Dress Shopping Begin


Once you’re settled in, it’s time to let the shopping begin! The showroom floor really is all yours, so it’s at this point that you’ll be given free reign of our dresses to explore the brands, find styles and colours you love and pick out pieces you’d like to try on.

Although you’re in complete control of your appointment and we always allow our brides to lead the way, your dedicated member of staff will be right behind you if you need any help or advice. Whether you simply want them to line up the dresses you’d like to try on or you’d like their opinion on which dresses will suit your brief, style or figure, our team are there to help in whatever way you want or need them to.


Time to Try On


After you’ve selected as many or as little dresses to try on as you’d like, it’s time to head to your allocated bridal suite and get stuck into trying all of your chosen gowns on.

It’s good to remember that at this point it is highly unlikely any of the gowns will fit you perfectly. Although we have a range of sizes throughout the showroom, we don’t have every dress in every size but we can pin your gown to showcase the true shape and will order your dress to match your true size which can then be altered after that to fit your exact measurements.

This part of the process can conjure up all kinds of emotions from both yourself and your party; from overwhelmed brides to super excited sisters to slightly teary mothers, we’ve seen it all, so don’t ever feel the need to conceal your emotions during a fitting with one of our team. We understand this process is a really special one that brings lots of emotions to the surface, so express how you’re feeling and we can work with you to ensure you leave with a beaming smile.

Between lots of laughing and a few happy tears, you’ll get the chance to try on all the gowns and see which is best for you. We can accessorise as we go to create a more ‘put together’ look which can often help brides see dresses in a different light.


Once the Perfect Dress Has Been Found


Our mission is to never let a bride leave our showroom without finding her perfect dress, so once you’ve decided which gown is the one for you, we’ll then take your measurements and discuss which size we think is best to order and any potential alterations that may need making.

Once all the finer details have been confirmed such as when we think the dress will be ready for you to come and try on again and the date on which you need to collect, you can finish any beverages in your own time, explore our ranges of bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories and once you’re all finished, we’ll wave you off until the next time we see you for your next fitting!

Shopping for your wedding dress should be a memorable experience for all the right reasons, so if you want a dress fitting that is full of laughter and results in finding your perfect gown, book an appointment with Maria Modes today.

If you want to get a head start looking at the dresses we have available, take a browse through the selection of designer wedding dresses we have on our shelves.