Bride Having Makeup Applied


There’s so much to think about when creating your final look for your big day. You’d think the hard work would be over once you’d picked your dress and accessories but to complete the look to perfection, you need to have the hair and makeup to match and that’s what we’re going to help you with today.

We’re going to be sharing with you some top tips for how to match your makeup to your wedding dress and ensure you get the ultimate look for your big day.


Focus on Your Theme


One big thing to remember when picking a makeup look to suit your wedding look is to remember your theme. You’ve more than likely picked your wedding dress to match your wedding theme, so if you base your makeup look around that theme too, the two are likely to match.


Pick Out Key Colours


If your dress has got a statement colour running throughout it or your wedding theme is all based around one colour, try and pick those colours out in your makeup look and everything is bound to match up. If you’re going for a light and airy theme, nude colours are likely to be better suited but if your wedding dress is quite vintage inspired to match the rest of the day, a bolder eye and red lip might be a better match.


Pay Attention to the Fabrics


It might sound strange but you can get a lot of inspiration for your wedding makeup by looking at the fabrics your dress is made from and this will help you create a look that is perfectly suited for the occasion. If your dress is made of soft and flowing chiffon, a light and well-blended makeup look might be right for you or if you’ve gone for a heavy satin gown, a fuller, heavier makeup look might be a better match.


Take Note of the Neckline


The neckline on your dress will massively affect the application of your makeup and therefore the overall look. If you’ve chosen a sweetheart or lower cut neckline with no straps, your makeup will need to be brought down on to your chest, so you’ve got more flexibility to go heavy with the look as you needn’t worry about makeup rubbing on to your dress but if you’ve gone for a high neck, you may wish to go for a lighter makeup look to avoid makeup rubbing on to the neck of your dress.


Don’t Forget Your Personal Style


The most important thing to remember when picking your makeup look for the big day is to make it fit with your personal style and reflect how you usually like to wear your makeup. Your dress is likely to be a real nod to your personal style, so choosing a makeup look that is true to you means the two will definitely match.

Making all the final decisions for your wedding look is so exciting and the most important thing is to ensure you feel like a princess on the day, so as long as you keep that in mind, you’ll always look stunning.

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