Bridesmaid Dresses


There’s no denying that the bride is always the centre of attention on her big day and the dress she wears always plays a big part in that but there are some other ladies in the room that need breath-taking dresses too and they’re your bridesmaids.

Every element of your day comes together to create the bigger picture and the colour and style of your bridesmaids’ dresses are big pieces in the jigsaw that is your wedding day, so ensuring you get these dresses just right is really important.

Whether you’re heading down the aisle with just one special lady or you’ve got a whole party of your best girls behind you, finding the right dress can feel like a daunting task.

To make finding your bridesmaids’ dresses an easier experience, we’ve ensured the selection of dresses we have available at Maria Modes is extensive and truly has something to suit every shape, style and wedding theme.

Our range of bridesmaids’ dresses come from a selection of designers, including the infamous Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner. We’ve worked hard to cater for every eventuality, so whatever colour, shape or style of gown you want for your maids, you’ll find it at Maria Modes.

We understand that not every woman is the same shape or size and therefore different dresses will flatter different ladies, so if you want to keep every member of your bridal party happy, we can help you select dresses that will work together in perfect harmony as you walk down the aisle.

No two weddings are ever the same, so why should your bridesmaid’s dresses be? We can help you mix and match colours and styles to find a selection of dresses that are ideal for your wedding day.

If you’re planning a trip to Maria Modes with your group of best girls to find their dresses for the day, here are some top tips we think every bride-to-be needs to know before heading off to the shops:

  • Have an Idea of What You Want – although it only needs to be a vague idea, you need to have some kind of plan of what kind of look you’re going for with the bridesmaids before you start trying on dresses to keep things organised and on track
  • Discuss your vision before you go – once you know roughly what you want, make sure all of your bridesmaids know the kind of vision you’ve got to ensure that everybody is on the same page and choosing dresses that fit with your idea
  • Establish Any of Your Maids’ ‘Non-Negotiables’ – although it is your big day and you have the final say, you want your bridesmaids to feel as good in their dresses as you do in yours, so if anyone has any styles they don’t feel happy or confident wearing, it’s best to establish these before shopping to avoid any upset
  • Make a Day of It – you’re probably only going to go shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses once, so make a day out of it that you’ll all keep fond memories of. Whether you plan lunch, dinner or a trip to a nice bar afterwards or maybe some more wedding shopping, make the most of this day with your closest ladies.

There’s no need to fear finding your bridesmaids’ dresses, when you visit Maria Modes looking for these special gowns, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in one easy and enjoyable trip.

Pop in whenever we’re open or book ahead to ensure our team can reserve a changing room for your party and dedicate the time and attention that you need.