Lacing up a Wedding Dress


Most brides don’t collect their wedding dresses until a few days before the main event, so keeping it in the protective bag and hung up out of direct light is normally enough precaution to keep it in pristine condition but when it comes to storing your dress once your big day is over, that can involve a little more planning.

The majority of brides will choose to keep their dress as a memory and potentially to hand down to younger generations, so keeping it looking as good as new is definitely a priority.

We’re going to be sharing with you some top tips on how to store your wedding dress to keep it looking in top condition.


Don’t Pack it Away Dirty


You probably spent your whole wedding day avoiding spilling your dessert or champagne down your dress but even if you managed to get away without any catastrophic stains, the bottom of your dress is still likely to be dirty from brushing against the floor all day, so if you’re wondering how to preserve your wedding dress and keep it looking brand new years’ down the line, the answer is to not pack it away dirty.

We don’t suggest throwing it in your washer at home with the rest of the whites, so always take your wedding dresses to a dry cleaners that know what they’re doing when it comes to these kinds of gowns and get it cleaned and dried properly.


Get a Proper Storage Box


It can be tempting to store your dress in its original protective bag or plastic cover but these thin and delicate covers are only temporary measures and won’t stop your gown getting damaged or stained in the long run.

Companies such as Empty Box create specialist storage boxes for wedding dresses that aren’t only practical but stunning too, so they’re perfect for storing a potential family heirloom.


Avoid Storing in the Attic


So many women have become victims of mice eating their wedding dresses because they stored them in a loft or attic, so to avoid this heart-breaking occurrence, don’t leave your wedding dress in the loft.

Not only is your attic likely to be a bit of a playground for mice and moths, it is also a space that fluctuates in temperature daily and is more susceptible to damp, which are not conditions you want to be storing your wedding dress in.


Don’t Just Hang It Up in the Wardrobe


It can be really tempting when you’re tight on storage space to just hang your wedding dress up at the end of your wardrobe and although it’s nice to be able to see it easily and get it out if you fancy trying it on, it won’t stay in the best of conditions stored like that.

Not only is it likely to get creased amongst everything else, it could rub with other colours and mark, be caught by hangers or other items of clothing and pull or fall off the hanger and become really dirty.

Storing in a draw alone under your bed or in a specialist box in the top of your wardrobe or under your bed is a far better option, just make sure it’s out of direct sunlight.


Invest in Acid-Free Tissue


You may think this sounds like a step too far but if you’re keen to really keep your wedding dress in the best condition possible, investing in acid-free tissue will help keep your gown looking pristine.

Some specialist storage boxes will come with this tissue or you can buy it separately but we recommend lining your storage box with the tissue and placing a sheet between each fold of the dress and a final piece on top, this way the whole dress can be protected and preserved from wear or disintegration. 


Store Your Accessories Separately


It might sound like a space saving idea to pack your wedding dress into a specialist box and throw your shoes and other accessories on top but this isn’t going to do your dress any good.

You want to avoid any marks or pulls on your gown and it’s likely that the bottom of your shoes will be dirty and the heel could easily catch the fabric, so pop all your accessories into a different box and store alongside your dress box.

Your dress is one of the main memories from your big day, so if you want to keep it looking as stunning as it did the day you got married years down the line, we recommend following these tips.

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