Makeup Set and Brush


Although many women choose to have a professional do their makeup on their big day, lots of ladies also choose to do it themselves, including the Duchess of Cambridge who took control of the brushes on her special day back in 2011.

Although Vogue reported how Kate Middleton had private lessons during the run-up to her wedding, she’s a perfect example that it is more than possible to create great looking makeup for your big day, all by yourself and with the help of all the bridal makeup tutorials online, it’s easy to make yourself look amazing.

It can be difficult to find the right bridal makeup tutorial for you when there are thousands to choose from, so we’ve picked 5 that we think cover all the looks any bride could possibly want.


Tanya Burr


Well-known YouTuber Tanya Burr may have begun to move her online career in other directions now but she’s a makeup artist and beauty blogger at heart and her channel is a great place to go for all kinds of makeup tutorials.

After posting her first wedding makeup tutorial a couple of years back, she created an updated one in 2017 which is perfect for the bride who wants her makeup to sit somewhere between natural and heavy glam.

This simple 10-minute makeup video covers products, tools and techniques, as well as a few tips and tricks along the way.



YouTube: Tanya Burr ‘My Wedding Makeup, Secrets & Tips’


The Anna Edit – Anna Newton


Formally known as ‘Vivianna Does Makeup’ on YouTube, Anna Newton may have rebranded her channel as ‘The Anna Edit’ but still has a keen interest in beauty and makeup.

Her makeup style is simple, neutral and pretty natural, making her the perfect inspiration for a more paired back bridal makeup look. After her low-key wedding in 2017, she shared how she did her own makeup for her big day and it’s a great tutorial to follow for a quick and easy look.


Anna Edit Image


YouTube: The Anna Edit ‘My Wedding Day Makeup Look’


Lisa Eldridge


A professional makeup artist by trade, Global Creative Director for Lancôme by day and beauty YouTuber by night, it’s fair to say Lisa Eldridge knows a thing or two about makeup. One of the most sought-after artists in the industry, following a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial on your wedding day is as good as having one to one professional tutoring, so you’re guaranteed a great look.


Lisa Eldridge Image


YouTube: Lisa Eldridge ‘My Wedding Look / Pretty, Bridal Occasion Makeup’


Jaclyn Hill


Professional makeup artist from across the world, Jaclyn Hill is a well-known American beauty YouTuber who has gone from filming tutorials for her channel to releasing collaborations with Morphe Brushes and filming ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos with Kim Kardashian.

Jaclyn Hill’s wedding makeup tutorial is the perfect video to follow if you want something neutral but super glamorous and beautifully blended.  


Jaclyn Hill Image


YouTube: Jaclyn Hill ‘In Depth Bridal Tutorial + Lots of Tips & Tricks’


Anchal MUA


If you’re an Asian bride looking for a traditional and super glam makeup look, Anchal MUA is the girl you need to go to for inspiration. UK based Indian makeup artist Anchal has a whole playlist of different Asian makeup looks on her channel, from neutral colours to bold and bright.

When it comes to perfectly applied, authentic Asian wedding makeup, these are the tutorials you need to follow.


Anchal MUA Image


YouTube: AnchalMUA ‘Glam Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup’


Whether you choose to do it yourself or put your makeup for the big day in the hands of a professional, the most important thing is that you look and feel great, so do whatever works best for you.

We’d love to know if you were a blushing bride who took control of the makeup brushes on your big day, so let us know your tips for doing your own wedding makeup on Facebook or Instagram!